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Siberian Engineering Company - the official distributor of VBW Engineering Poland.

VBW Engineering - one of the leading companies in Poland for the production and installation of HVAC equipment. The company produces various types of installation: air handling, roof, ductless, suspended minitsentralnye and air conditioners, as well as a new direction - air conditioners with heat recovery.

BS sectional air-handling units

BS Sectional units comprise 21 sizes covering the range of capacities from 1 000 to 106 000 m3/h in standard air supply, air exhaust and air supply and exhaust systems and also, if requested by the client, units of greater capacity. Sectional units enable any configuration of sections in order to obtain a desired air processing facility with the use of a wide range of components within a given function. The idea of sectional central units is to enable a flexible choice of functional sections that guarantee meeting the most complex demands connected with a sophisticated air processing.

BD roof air-handling units

BD roof units are manufactured in 21 sizes covering the capacity from 1 000 to 106 000 m3/h and also, if requested by the client, units of greater capacity. Placing the air-conditioning unit directly on the roof enables the design of an air handling installation with a less branched out and shorter network of air-conditioning ducts which results in smaller air flow resistance and therefore in a small consumption of power in comparison with classic layouts where the central units are located in an engine room and the air is being distributed through a network of ducts at long distances. The application of roof central units is particularly beneficial in case of designing a ventilation system with an air cooler co-operating with an air humidity condenser placed on a roof, since this eliminates the necessity to run long pipelines with a cooling medium. However, the basic advantage connected with the application of BD roof central units is saving the usable area which, when applying classic systems, should also accommodate an engine room.

BO compact air-handlng units

BO compact units are manufactured in 6 sizes covering the range of capacity from 1000 to 18000 m3/h. Their individual feature is a single module construction. Depending on the required configuration the central units may include various functional components for air processing. Equipped with the standard systems of protection and controlling automation systems, the units ensure obtaining highly exact air parameters. BO units offer a particular configuration of components to provide particular air processing - including heat recovery with the application of a cross-flow heat exchanger, or a re-circulation section - simultaneously maintaining compact structure.

BO-VESTA air-handlng units

BO-VESTA is a heat recovery unit with a high-efficiency countercurrent heat exchanger (BO-VESTA-1) and cross-flow heat exchanger (BO-VESTA-2,3,4). Performance range in unit's series of types is: 400 to 3800 m3/h. The unit was designed in a self-supporting housing without aluminium frames to eliminate thermal bridges. The appliance has small dimensions and its structural design makes it easy to install and operate.The plug&play functionality offers considerable savings on labour and time when installing the appliance. With channels connected from the top side of the unit, the entire system takes much less room than alternative solutions. BO-VESTA has G4 filters fitted at the air supply and exhaust, and a hydronic or electrical air heater. Fans with a gearless drive system ensure quiet and efficient operation. Alternatively, the unit can have fans with electronically commutated (EC) motors. Inner structure.

OKEANOS swimming pool air-handling units

OKEANOS swimming pool units are air supply and exhaust ventilation units designed for dehumidification and ventilation of all kinds of halls with indoor swimming pools. The series comprises 8 sizes covering the ventilation capacity from 1000 to 35000 m3/h. Structural elements used in the construction of the central units as well as the internal components for processing and pumping of the air are characterised with increased resistance against corrosion. Equipping the swimming pool units with a heating pump significantly increases the heat recovery coefficient and also enables the dehumidification of air in summer periods when the supply of 100% of fresh air does not ensure the maintenance of the required air humidity level. The additional advantage connected with the application of the heat pump in the swimming pool appliance is the possibility of heat recovery from the exhaust air and the transmission of the heat to warm up the swimming pool water. The exchangers are made of corrosion resistant materials. As a standard, OKEANOS type units are equipped with power supply-control automation systems.

AURA compact air-handling units

AURA type air supply and exhaust units provided with a rotary heat exchanger are designed for ventilation of such high heat gain objects as offices, banks, conference halls, discos, restaurants. The series of appliances comprises 4 air capacity values from 400 to 12000 m3/h. Those devices are particularly applicable in rooms where the supplied air temperature is lower than the temperature inside of the room eliminating the necessity of the application of heaters. The temperature is controlled by controlling the rotary speed of the heat exchanger. The distinctive feature of the appliance is its compact construction and its automation system designed in such a way as to optimise the consumption of energy necessary for the ventilation and as to ensure constant air capacity regardless of the resistance of air flow through the ventilation installation that changes in time. In order to extend the range of application of the central units with the above mentioned features the duct exchangers with various size connector pipes have been taken into consideration. As a standard, the ventilation units of AURA type are equipped with power supply-control automation systems

OLIMP duct free roof air-handling units

Olimp duct free units are designed for ventilation, heating or cooling of production halls, trading areas, storage rooms, sports halls and other rooms located in large size buildings with empty space inside. They are manufactured in two sizes of 5000 and 8000 m3/h capacity. Their advantage is the elimination of the necessity to install air distributing ducts and the fact that the units are placed on the roof saves space typically occupied by an engine room. As a standard, olimp duct free roof units are equipped with power supply-control automation systems.

BD-G, BO-G, SPS-G garage air-handling units

Garage units are designed for the ventilation of garages and underground parking facilities. The units are manufactured in 6 sizes covering the air capacity range from 1000 to 36000 m3/h. The garage central units are used to purge the air polluted with carbon oxide and with all kinds of sulphur and lead compounds contained in car engine exhaust fumes. The garage central units are manufactured in three basic versions:

-roof units,

-suspended units,

-standard units

The garage units may be delivered with a complete automation system.

SPS suspended air-handling units

SPS suspended units are manufactured in 4 sizes covering the air capacity range from 500 to 5100 m3/h.It is possible to design any configuration of sections in order to obtain the desired air processing. Their structure and dimensions enable the application of the suspended units within the suspended ceilings and wherever there are limited construction conditions which do not allow the application of other systems. Heat recovery is possible thanks to the application of a cross-flow heat exchanger section and a re-circulation section. Similarly to other products also in this case our company offers automation systems controlling the operation of the unit.

SPS-DUO suspended air-handling units

The series consists of two devices with nominal expenditure 2200 m3/h (SPS-DUO size 1) and 3600 m3/h (SPS-DUO size 2). Heat recovery is achieved by a complex consisting of two rotary exchangers ensuring the efficiency of temperature up to 82%. Presented devices are frameless structures with panels of thickness 50 mm, providing adequate thermal and sound insulation. Innovative design and application of rotary exchangers allowed us to significantly shorten the length of the unit to 1880 mm. The relevant expenditures are delivered by axially radial fans with direct drive. Design engineers of VBW Engineering company are not only introducing new technologies and products, but also constantly improving earlier projects. In a result of these works suspended air-handling unit SPS-DUO, which already has a recognition of experts, was additionally equipped in system of slidable shields. This solution is a very important simplification of air-handling unit usage and it also increases user safety. These innovations are ones among many technical solutions applied in this product, which is whole based on the newest technologies and unique technical solutions.

ROOFTOP-BD roof air-handling unit

ROOFTOP-BD roof air-handling units are designed for cooling, heating and ventilation of single-zone commercial rooms, restaurants, servicing stations, warehouses and other rooms localized usually in one-storey buildings or on the last storey of multi-storey buildings. ROOFTOP-BD units are optimised for operation with internal air recirculation (from 5% to 90%). Recirculation constitutes a method for heat (or cool) recovery non requiring large energy expenditures. Unit housing of self-supporting design, minimizes thermal bridges creation and forming hydraulic or acoustic leakages. Small overall dimensions of the unit and ergonomic design minimizes area occupied on the roof. Used technologies guarantee easy installation and reduction of ventilation ducts length. Self-supporting design of housing provide high stiffness, high strength and low weight of unit. The unit is resistant for environmental conditions. Automatic control in all operating modes of the unit.

PEGAZ Flow Exchanger Heater

PEGAZ flow heater with a gas or oil burner is applied in heating and ventilation units or air conditioning units designed for assembly in closed rooms with a normal level of dusting as well as for the assembly outside buildings. PEGAZ may also work as an individual heating module in a ventilation duct where it functions as a zonal heater or may be employed in a series of duct modules working in parallel for one central unit. Air heating with a gas or oil heater is frequently applied in objects that have no other sources of energy or where the existing sources of energy are uneconomical or are not able to satisfy the energy demand. The application of PEGAZ heating modules is particularly recommended for heating such rooms as shopping centres, manufacturing halls, sports halls, shops, warehouses, utility rooms etc. The use of PEGAZ type heater together with the complete oil or gas installations is a much cheaper enterprise than the construction of a boiler room that is indispensable to produce and distribute heating medium to the unit. PEGAZ heating modules with gas or oil burner co-operate with BS roof and sectional air handling units, with BD roof units and operate as duct zonal heaters. The heater may be equipped with gas or oil burner - one-level, two-level (progressive), modulated. Depending on the type of burner, the heater is equipped with components that protect the exchanger from overheating and with a system regulating the operation of the burner. An individual regulation system for the heater has appropriate outputs and inputs designed for the co-operation with the regulating system for the whole unit (e.g. heating system may be switched on when it receives a signal that the central unit fan is in operation). The character of the building/object and the requirements to be met by a given installation determine the selection of a burner by a designer./p>