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Quality control

     The quality of the performed works is controlled on the basis of the regulations on the works quality control developed by Siberian Engineering Company LLC; their aim is to provide correspondence of the quality of the performed works and constructed facilities to the requirements of  design and estimate, norms and specifications documentation as well as the correspondence of the quality of the applied materials and products used in the construction to the norms and specifications documentation. 
Quality control includes:

  • Incoming quality control (the quality of materials, products, equipment that are brought to the facility and used during the work performance is to be controlled);
  • Operational and acceptance quality control (the performed construction and installation works (both separate working operations and stages of the performed works) are controlled. Control is performed at all stages of construction and installation works.
  • Inspection quality control (correspondence of the performed construction and installation works (works in the performance process) to the technology of the regulatory requirements, designed technological maps is to be controlled.

Work safety

     In Siberian Engineering Company LLC Regulations on the system of work safety management is developed and includes:

  • Provision of work safety control at all stages of construction and management works on a high technical and organizational level.
  • Creation of conditions that would not only remedy breaches but prevent them, too.
  • Planning organization of constant control and record of the performed work related to work safety  and safety methods on all levels of construction management, analysis and assessment of such work, wide use of principles of moral and material motivation for the work without accidents and fires, decreasing of industrial injuries and illnesses, strict implementation of safety regulations by employees.
  • Active participation in the work related to work safety and labor safety devices by all employees of the enterprise.
  • Obligatory abiding of the responsibilities enumerated in these Regulations by all employees.
  • Constant control at abiding of the Safety Regulations and workplace sanitation by employees.
  • Accomplishment of measures aimed to timely investigate and wind up the facts that cause violation of safe work regulations.
  • Systematic control and work analysis in each construction section.